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Diamante Lobo (God's Gun 1976) - Full Movie - FunColic

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Uploaded on May 13, 2019

Diamante Lobo (God's Gun 1976) - IMDb 5,0

Full Movie English, Spaghetti Western, Cowboy Film, Free Feature Film: God's Gun (also known as Diamante Lobo) is a 1976 Italian–Israeli Spaghetti Western filmed in Israel directed by Gianfranco Parolini (credited as Frank Kramer) and starring Lee Van Cleef, Jack Palance, Leif Garrett and Sybil Danning. Palance plays the head of a malicious group of bandits and Van Cleef plays a double-role of brothers: a priest and a reformed gunfighter determined to stop them.

Leif Garrett plays the main character in the film as Johnny, a fatherless kid who brings the reformed gunfighter to town.

PLOT (Wikipedia): One day Sam Clayton (Jack Palance) and his gang arrive in the small town of Juno City where Father John (Lee van Cleef) is the priest of the local church. The gang wreak havoc in town, raping a woman and knifing a man in the back. They leave town, only to be caught by the fearless but unarmed Father John. After that, the gang member responsible for the murder is broken out of jail. Vowing revenge, the gang ambushes and guns Father John down on the steps of his church, and then take over the town while waiting for the arrival of the next stagecoach. However, Johnny O'Hara (Leif Garrett), a local boy, manages to escape with a couple of their horses and rides off to Mexico in the hope of finding the priest's gunfighter twin brother (van Cleef). They meet and set off back across the border to clean up the town. Meanwhile Sam Clayton discovers that he is Johnny's father. Also, it is revealed that some fifteen years earlier, during the Civil War, Jenny O'Hara (Sybil Danning) had been one of Clayton's victims, adding to the mystery of Johnny's paternity.


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Also Known As (AKA)
(original title) Diamante Lobo
Brazil A Arma Divina
Brazil (cable TV title) A Pistola de Deus
Bulgaria (Bulgarian title) Оръжието на Господ
Canada (English title) God's Gun
Denmark Den blodige bande
Finland Villi joukko
France Les impitoyables
Greece Το πιστόλι είναι ο θεός μου
Greece Το όπλο του Θεού
Hungary Isten fegyvere
Lithuania Dievo ginklas
Portugal A Pistola de Deus
Romania Arma lui D-zeu
Soviet Union (Russian title) Оружие Господне
Spain Seis balas... una venganza... una oración
Sweden Det blodiga gänget
Turkey (Turkish title) Allahin silahi
UK God's Gun
West Germany Der Colt Gottes
Yugoslavia (Macedonian title) Heroj na crniot kol


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